1952 - 2018
"Strength in the face of Adversity"
- Denis Akiyama

Remembering the magic in which spread through the presence of a great angel.


Memories & Reflections

Denis was always one for a story, and we would love for you to share yours with us...


Denis van akiyama

...was born and raised in the east end of Toronto. A third generation Japanese Canadian (Sansei), he held great respect for his cultural lineage, and honoured that through his notable career. As an actor he was able to explore his many talents including music, dance, voice, and a full range of emotion. To define Denis’ personality in one word would be impossible. He was truly an enigma.

His kind and caring exterior did not distract from his truthful and powerful nature. Denis had the unique ability to connect with each and every person he interacted with… in one way or another.

In an effort to encapsulate such a unique individual please share a fond memory below.